Rug Features. 

When Capriole Equestrian was incepted, our main objective was to provide the customer with a horse rug that would be exactly of the same standard as an Australian made horse rug. With the background of its founding members, Capriole was able to source and supply to its overseas factory the same materials that were being wholesaled to horse rug manufactures in Australia. Combine this with our rug designer Di’s skills and experience we are able to produce horse rugs overseas, exactly to the same standards of a rug manufacture in Australia.



All our Polyester, Poly-cotton, Cotton and Wool fabric are made in-house at our factory. Hence ensuring that the fabric is of the highest quality. All our synthetic PU coated fabric and Nylon Lining fabric is imported from Taiwan and are of the highest quality.        

Binding and Webbing:

The binding and webbing used on all our rugs are being produced in-house to maintain uniform quality at all times and the highest quality Polyester and PP yarn is used to manufacture these bindings and webbings. 

Fittings and Embellishments:

All metal and plastic fittings used on our rugs are imported from Taiwan (Taiwan is considered the best producer of metal fittings in the world). Unlike other imported rugs we take great care in using the highest quality fitting for a longer lasting rug. The fitting used on our rugs are the same that are being sold in Australian by the largest wholesaler of this in the equestrian industry.

Stitching Thread:

We realized that stitching thread is one of the most important aspects of a durable horse rug. The quality of thread used will determine longevity of a rug and most manufactures don’t give enough attention to this aspect of rug making.  All our rugs are stitched using a special DURO brand polyester – cotton thread that was developed specifically for the Australian equestrian industry. This brand of thread is the highest selling within the equestrian and boating industry.  

Stitching and Patterns:

All our rugs are based on Di’s patterns that she has developed and improved over the last 20 years working in the industry. Our rugs are made for the Australian horse thus they will always have a good fit. Before Capriole started business Di’s was sent to India to setup the manufacturing facility and train the staff. During her stay in India, other than imparting basic stitching skills to the staff she was also able to inculcate the Australian style of working within the factory. Moreover we are lucky to have an Australian educated factory manager who himself has lived in Australia for a few years.